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Reaction videos are slowly taking over YouTube as the most popular type of channel. Everyone loves when someone reacts to something, and it can be anything from music, games, trending topics, or even random things like orange juice. They are so popular that people tag their friends to react to the series.

Music reaction videos are becoming increasingly more popular. Instead of a standard lyric video, music reaction videos show a fan listening and singing to their favorite album or single from start to finish. There are tons of fan-made music reaction videos on YouTube, but some get hundreds of thousands or even millions of views!

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01 What is a music reaction video?

03 How to make a Youtube music reaction video with Filmora

(Video) TOP 10 MOST Streamed Rap Songs OF EVERY YEAR! (2012-2022) | Reaction

What is a music reaction video?

When you are on YouTube, you will see many music reaction videos. The music reaction video is the video that is based on the song. According to the situation, the person who uploads the video reacts to the song and does something funny or crazy. Many people enjoy watching these kinds of videos because they are funny and entertaining in many ways.

The best thing about these videos is that you can learn from them. You can learn how to react in certain situations, but these situations might arise only once in your life. So, it is good to react to these funny videos and make yourself aware of what should be done in such a situation.

You can even make your music reaction video and share it with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People will love it and appreciate it, and you can also learn how to make these kinds of videos by watching other people's reactions.

10 Best YouTube Music Reaction Video

#1. [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' MV Reaction

In this video, a famous Korean Band named BTS reacts to many different music videos from the past. People love to see their reactions, and the video has over 25M views on Youtube.

#2. Rappers React to Rich Brian ft. Ghostface Killah, Desiigner, Tory Lanez & More

In this video, many street rappers react to many famous rappers and give their views about them. The video became quite popular on Youtube and got 23M+ views.

(Video) FIRST TIME HEARING Wild Cherry - Play that funky music REACTION

#3. Dixie D'Amelio’s Family and Friends React to her Be Happy Music Video

In this video, many people who are relatives of Dixie D'Amelio react to her music video. She recorded the reach of each one of them and shared it with the youtube community. The video got over 20M views on youtube.

#4. Elders React To Lil Dicky - Earth

In this video, many elders react to the Lil Dick's Music video. Their reactions are quite amusing to the audience, and the video got over 19M views on Youtube.

#5. Kids React To Eminem

In this video, some kids react to the Eminem rap music videos and give their views about rap. Some of them are amused by the rap, and some of them find it difficult to understand. Overall their reaction is worth watching. The video got over 13M views on Youtube.

#6. Do Teens Know 90s Hip Hop?

In this video, many teens listen to '90s hip-hop music videos, and their reactions are recorded. They are familiar with some of the songs, and some are totally new and amusing to them. The video got over 11M Views on Youtube.

#7. Big Shaq - Mans Not Hot (Music Video)- Reaction

In this video, a couple of friends react to the Mans Not Hot Music video and record their reactions. They have reacted to the video quite funny, and their reactions are very amusing. People enjoy watching their reactions. The video has over 11M views on Youtube.

#8 BTS React To Fans Watching "Boy With Luv" Music Video For The First Time!

In this video, The famous Koran Band BTS reacts to their fan's videos, watching Boy With Luv Music video for the first time. So, in this video, you will see the reaction of BTS to the reaction of their fans. The video was a hit on Youtube, and it got over 9M views.

#9 "Don't Forget" Minecraft FNAF Animation Music Video

This is a reaction mashup video in which a lot of creators are reacting to the Don't forget music video. You rarely get to see soo many reactions in a single video. The video is a hit and has over 9M views on Youtube.

(Video) P!NK - Never Gonna Not Dance Again (Official Video)

#10 Youtubers React To Top 10 Most Disliked Music Videos Of All Time

In this video, many YouTubers react to the top 10 most disliked music videos in Youtube's history. Their reactions are priceless, and this video is definitely worth watching. The video has over 6M views on Youtube.

How to make a Youtube music reaction video with Filmora

Reaction videos are the latest trend in the world of YouTube. So many people want to create their own reaction videos but either doesn't have the skills to do so or don't know how to get started. This guide should give you everything you need to get started on creating your very next reaction video.

Step 1: First of all, make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Filmora on your computer. If you haven't already downloaded it, then you can install it from their official website.

Step 2: Run the Filmora software and when a window appears on your screen, click on the new project and select the 16:9 aspect ratio of your project.

Step 3: Now first, you need to record your reaction to a music video. You can use Filmora's Built-In screen recorder to record your reaction along with your cam. You can also record your reactions separately and then merge them with the original music video using Filmora.

Step 4: Now import the music video on which you want to react to the Filmora library along with your reaction video. You can do this by clicking on the file, import, and import media.

Step 5: Now drag the music video from the Library and drop it into the Filmora timeline.

Step 6: Now drag your reaction video and drop it above the original music video in the track.

Step 7: Decrease the size of your reaction video by using the canvas controls in the preview window and adjusting it to any side of the window.

10 Best YouTube Music Reaction Videos 2022 (1)

Step 8: If you want to keep your reaction video in a big frame and your music video in a small one, you can do the opposite.

(Video) Not ready American Reacts Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched: August 2022

Step 9: If you want to add any effects or call-outs to your video, you can use the rich elements library of Filmora, where you can find hundreds of interactive elements.

10 Best YouTube Music Reaction Videos 2022 (2)

Step 10: Once you have finalized the video, click on the import button and save the video to your computer in your desired format. Once the video is imported, you can share it on Youtube with your audience.

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By following the steps above and using Filmora, you will be able to produce a high-quality music reaction video that can be shared with family, friends, or even your favorite artists. All of the steps above may look complicated when separated into different actions, but they became much easier and quicker when completed together and practiced in order.

(Video) Diana Ross - Chain Reaction (Official Video)

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What song has the most reaction videos on YouTube? ›

"Ghost Love Score" has the most reaction videos, with 1,400 different reaction videos and over 18 million views.

What are the best videos to react to on YouTube? ›

Music videos are among the most popular genres of videos on YouTube, which makes them perfect to react to. You can share your opinion about the musician, their latest work or the video's visual aspects.

Is it legal to do reaction videos on YouTube? ›

Uploading reaction videos to YouTube isn't illegal, but the video may risk being taken down or demonetized. Make sure to correctly attribute the video you're reacting to in your video description box.

What was the first reaction video? ›

Online, one of the first viral reaction videos was that of a child reacting to the "Scary Maze Game" prank on YouTube in 2006. Beginning in 2007, reaction videos began to proliferate on the Internet.

Are reaction videos fake? ›

'First time viewing' reaction videos are all over the place. Most of them are fake, being watched by narcissists who have already seen the movie.

Who is the best reaction Youtuber? ›

Best Reaction Channels On YouTube
  • Oprahsideverson. ...
  • Kickassreaction. ...
  • SSSniperwolf SSSniperWolf is an American Youtuber. ...
  • SmurfVlogs.
  • FlightReacts.
  • ratchetness. ...
  • SupTho Bros.
  • Chadtronic.

Do reaction videos get paid? ›

However, making a reaction video without a copyright claim is a difficult path to take—the reason why you can't monetize a reaction video is because of media copyright. Reaction videos are different from the usual videos on YouTube because they involve original content and making them on your own is a daunting task.

Who are the top music reactors on YouTube? ›

20 Music Review Youtube Channels
  • theneedledrop.
  • ARTV.
  • Todd in the Shadows.
  • Dead End Hip Hop.
  • Mallory Bros.
  • Lie Likes Music.
  • Brad Taste in Music.
  • TriFate.
3 days ago

Do reaction videos get paid on YouTube? ›

Yes, you can monetize your reaction video on YouTube. You will need to have a YouTube channel and be a part of the YouTube Partner Program. Once you are a part of the YouTube Partner Program, you will be able to enable monetization on your videos.

Are reaction videos easy? ›

Reaction videos are extremely simple in content and format, so they're really easy to make.

How do Youtubers avoid copyright? ›

Only use content you've created yourself

By far the safest way to avoid copyright infringement and strikes is to only use your own content on YouTube. If you only use music and videos that you've created yourself, you won't have to worry about copyright claims as you'll be the copyright owner.

Can you do reaction videos without showing your face? ›

Reaction Videos (Audio Only)

If you don't want to show your face, you can do a speaking reaction instead. Start by screen recording the original video, then share your opinion via voice-over as you watch the video.

Why do people watch reaction Youtubers? ›

They belong to a genre where creators record their spontaneous reactions while watching an existing piece of content, often showing those videos within their own. Viewers watch these videos because they enjoy the momentary emotional connect of seeing those on screen react to content the same way they would.

Why do Youtubers Do reaction videos? ›

For those of you who are somehow not familiar with this genre of YouTube videos, they exist purely to show a YouTuber's reaction to another piece of content. For example, a new album might come out, and people will just record their first reactions to the album as it plays.

Who shot the first YouTube video? ›

The first ever YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005 – exactly 15 years ago, today. YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim posted the 18-second video, titled “Me at the zoo.” It has since garnered over 90 million views.

Should I Do reaction videos? ›

Reaction videos can be particularly helpful for smaller channels looking to grow their audience. By reacting to a more popular channel or video, your name will begin to pop up as people continue to search for content from that creator.

Who created react YouTube? ›

Benny Fine Rafi Fine

What app do Youtubers use to make reaction videos? ›

If you plan to start a new YouTube channel based on reaction videos, probably iReact is the application you should check upon. This application consists of everything you need to have to create a fantastic video. Key feature: You get everything you need to have to make a good video in its powerful video editor.

Who is YouTuber No 1? ›

T-Series, an Indian music and film studio, is the largest channel on YouTube with 213 million subscribers.

Who is the number 1 ASMR artist? ›

For the best effect, wear ASMR headphones.
  • GentleWhispering. GentleWhispering or Maria by her real name, is one of the pioneer of ASMR. ...
  • Heather Feather. Heather Feather makes videos constantly. ...
  • ASMRrequests. ...
  • MassageASMR. ...
  • TheWaterwshipers. ...
  • Ephemeral Rift. ...
  • CosmicTingles. ...
  • The One Lilium.

Who is the most successful ASMR? ›

10 Best ASMR YouTube Channels to Give You Tingles
  • Gibi ASMR. 4.44M subscribers. ...
  • WhispersRed ASMR. 1.03M subscribers. ...
  • ASMR Darling. 2.53M subscribers. ...
  • ASMRMagic. 1.44M subscribers. ...
  • Karuna Satori ASMR. 1.23M subscribers. ...
  • DennisASMR. 1.03M subscribers. ...
  • Latte ASMR. 1.87M subscribers. ...
  • Gentle Whispering ASMR. 2.21M subscribers.

Do YouTubers pay for likes? ›

Do YouTubers Get Paid for Likes? – YouTubers do not get paid for likes. However, a like is a form of engagement that can help the video do better in the long term. The more likes, comments, and shares a video gets the higher it can rank.

How do you grow a reaction channel on YouTube? ›

Because reaction videos often require a lot of witty remarks, use your personality to make your comments stand out to viewers. Check out Campbell's most popular reaction video below.
Here are three tips to boost viewership.
  1. Cover trending topics. ...
  2. Test out your acting skills. ...
  3. Use your personality to your advantage.

How much do YouTubers get paid for likes? ›

YouTube doesn't pay for the number of likes on a video. However, the likes convince the YouTube algorithm to push a channel forward. The average rate of the CPM is the average rate for 1000 ad views.

Who has the biggest fanbase on YouTube? ›

1. PewDiePie — 108 million subscribers.

What was the first reaction channel? ›

Reaction videos have evolved from a long-standing popular feature on Japanese variety shows. They were then made popular on YouTube in the early 2010s, kicked off by the “Kids React” videos on the comedy duo Fine Brothers' channel now known as REACT.

What is the number 1 music video in the world? ›

Baby Shark Dance

How much does YouTube pay you for 1 video? ›

With the average YouTube pay rate hovering between $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view, a YouTuber can make around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which comes out to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views. Forbes also estimates that for top talent, a YouTuber can make about $5 for every 1,000 video views.

Does YouTube pay you to post? ›

The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can share revenue from advertisements on their videos, or by using a variety of other monetization features. Use this page to understand how your earnings translate into revenue, how you can get paid, and when you can get paid.

How can I make my reaction better video? ›

Here is a rule of thumb. If you want to make a captivating reaction video, the reaction in it must be very visual. Ideally, extreme. Facial expressions and sounds people make when they see something they absolutely love or hate are the cornerstone of a great reaction video.

Do reaction videos get copyrighted? ›

Most reaction videos DO get copyright strikes, either when they are uploaded or afterward, when the original content owner discovers it later. That copyright strike is then appealed, under a claim of fair use.

Do reaction videos violate copyright? ›

Just like with Let's Play videos, reaction videos are also at risk of being reproductions and public performances that infringe upon one's copyright. In this case, the original “work” is not a video game but rather a video.

Can I use 10 seconds of a copyrighted song? ›

Any use of copyrighted material without permission is, according to U.S. copyright law, copyright infringement. It does not matter if you use one second or the entire song, using copyrighted materials without the consent or permission of the copyright owner, constitutes copyright infringement.

Can small Youtubers get copyrighted? ›

The answer is yes and so here I have a smaller channel it's a movie channel it currently has three

Who is the biggest faceless Youtuber? ›

Being a faceless content creator was never the intention but became a massive part of Dream's brand. Dream, or Clay—his real name—rose to stardom amidst the pandemic, amassing just over 30 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

What is a good age to start a YouTube channel? ›

YouTube is intended for users who are at least 13 because Google, its parent company, collects and markets user data, but many younger children have channels.

Which topic is best for YouTube Channel 2022? ›

7 Niche Ideas for YouTube Channels
  • Beauty and style vlogs still hold the crown for most popular YouTube niches. ...
  • Entertainment vlogs. ...
  • How-to tutorials. ...
  • Product reviews. ...
  • Weight Loss & Healthy Living. ...
  • Children content. ...
  • Lifehack and DIY videos.

Can Youtubers see if you dislike? ›

In November 2021, YouTube removed the public dislike count from all of its videos. While creators can still see the number of dislikes within YouTube Studio, viewers can now only see how many likes a video has received.

Why do Youtubers ask you to click the bell? ›

By clicking the bell icon, YouTube will notify you on your phone and your desktop (if enabled) every single time that user uploads a video. This means that you are far more likely to watch their new videos.

Do dislikes affect Youtubers? ›

The fact is, that the rating system of YouTube relies the most on the activity of users, but it doesn't distinguish the actions of them. So, whatever they do, even if they hit the thumbs down, this action will count in your ranking as a method of interaction.

Do YouTubers know if you like their video? ›

You can't see the person who likes your video, on your channel. But if someone has own channel and his/her liked video list is public.

Can I react to other YouTubers? ›

The only way to avoid being absolutely sure that your reaction video isn't violating the law is to contact the video creator and ask for permission to use their intellectual property. However, most YouTubers are reluctant to let others download and edit their videos unless they already have a large fan base.

How do reaction videos avoid copyright? ›

Thus, content creators may still create reaction videos that are protected by fair use by providing additional jokes, narration, criticism, graphics, and/or editing for the original copyrighted videos, especially where short clips of the original videos are interspersed with such meaningful, and original, contributions ...

Who was the first YouTuber with 1 million subscribers? ›

YouTube's Fred Figglehorn, the screechy, chipmunk-voiced Internet star, has become the first person in the history of online video to amass 1 million subscribers.

What is the most disliked video on YouTube? ›

Revenge 😂

Who was the first YouTuber for 1 million? ›

Fred Figglehorn, known simply as Fred, was the first YouTube creator to reach one million subscribers.

› What-is-the-purpose-of-reaction... ›

People enjoy reaction videos so much because it feels like you're sharing the experience with the YouTuber. Usually, it is the first time a YouTuber is expe...
Warning: Severe bashing ahead. If there was an award called “The most useless content on the internet”, it would definitely go to this genre. The video makers a...
Let's define a Reaction Video first and talk about the kinds of reaction videos people like/dislike.

What video on YouTube has the most Unlikes? ›

Top videos
RankVideo nameUploader / artist
1"Revenge 😂"Lucas and Marcus
2"Wakt wakt ki baat h 😎🔥"Bobby chourasiya
3†"YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind"YouTube
4"Baby Shark Dance"Pinkfong Kids' Songs & Stories
47 more rows

What video has the most liked comment on YouTube? ›

The comment with the most likes on Youtube is the comment left by Swedish YouTuber Seth Everman on the music video for “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish. The comment reads “I'm the bald guy” and is a pun referring to the song's title.

Which music video reached 1 billion views the fastest? ›

Daddy Yankee" in terms of total views, Adele's record for fastest video release to generate one billion views still stands as of September2022.
Fastest viral videos to reach 1 billion YouTube streams as of September 2022 (in days)
Artist: Song (release date)Days needed to reach 1 billion views
9 more rows
22 Sept 2022

What is the number 1 music video of all time? ›

1. 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson.

Will YouTube remove dislikes? ›

Dislike counts on YouTube won't be coming back, as the CEO stands behind the decision to remove them.

Can Youtubers see the dislikes? ›

In November 2021, YouTube removed the public dislike count from all of its videos. While creators can still see the number of dislikes within YouTube Studio, viewers can now only see how many likes a video has received.

What are the top 10 most liked comments on YouTube? ›

Most-liked YouTube Comments
Papa Mochi so proud right now 💜572KThe Late Late Show with James Corden
Bei 500.001 likes auf diesen Kommentar tätowier ich mir monopoly-unge aufn po563KOHMEYGOD
Gonna flag this for nudity so I can rick roll the YouTube staff540KKai Thomas
35 more rows

Who has the most likes in the world? ›

Top 20 posts
RankAccount nameLikes (millions)
2@cristiano @georginagio32.6
17 more rows

Who was the first comment on YouTube? ›

The first currently known user to comment on YouTube was Marco Cassé from Italy, when he did so on zubazpants's "Good Times!!!" video saying, "LOL!!!!!!!" on June 14, 2005, twenty-eight days before "Interesting...".

Who hit the most views in 24 hours? ›

The Most Viewed YouTube Video in 24 Hours
  1. “Butter” (BTS) BTS most recently surpassed their own record.
  2. “Dynamite” (BTS) ...
  3. “How You Like That” (Blackpink) ...
  4. 4 . ...
  5. “Boy With Luv” (BTS ft. ...
  6. “Lalisa” (Lisa) ...
  7. “Permission to Dance” (BTS) ...
  8. “Life Goes On” (BTS) ...
4 Aug 2022

Which is the fastest song to reach 100 million views? ›

As of September 2022, the music video for Korean boy band BTS single "Butter" -which was released in May 2021- was still the fastest video to reach 100 million YouTube views, achieving the result within less than one day.

Which is the fastest song to reach 300 million views? ›

BLACKPINK's “Pink Venom” Becomes Fastest K-Pop MV Of 2022 To Hit 300 Million Views. Just hours before their highly-anticipated comeback with “BORN PINK,” BLACKPINK's latest music video has soared past 300 million views!

What videos have reached 1 billion views? ›

The YouTube Billion Views Club includes Luis Fonsi's record-breaking smash “Despacito” ft. Daddy Yankee, Mark Ronson's “Uptown Funk” ft. Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa's “See You Again” ft. Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber's “Sorry,” Blackpink's “How You Like That,” BTS' “Boy With Luv” ft.

What song has a billion views on YouTube? ›

"Baby Shark Dance" currently has 11.34 billion lifetime views on YouTube.

What is the #1 most played song? ›

Spotify Top 100 Most-Streamed Songs
1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You3223393957
2. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights3128061347
3. Tones And I – Dance Monkey2642704868
4. Post Malone, 21 Savage – rockstar2489462596
21 more rows
1 Sept 2022


1. Rihanna - Lift Me Up (From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
2. Black Eyed Peas, Anitta, El Alfa - SIMPLY THE BEST (Official Music Video)
(Black Eyed Peas)
3. YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2022
(Jimmy Kimmel Live)
4. The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
(The Beatles)
5. The Best Reactions to Beastie Boys "3 MC's & 1 DJ"
(Derek Brooks)
6. Aaron Carter Last Emotional Video Just 24Hrs Before Death😭
(Mulinde Henry)
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