100 Popular Rock Bands of the 70s - Complete List (2023)

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The 70s was a crucial period in the history of pop and rock music. This was the time when musical genres were redefined, new styles were being explored and musicians from various parts of the world were experimenting with different sounds.

Such artistic endeavors have left behind a rich legacy that continues to inspire modern-day musicians.

In honor of this musical heritage, let’s take a look at some of the most popular rock bands of the 70s that shaped the musical landscape of the decade.

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Best 70s Rock Bands

70s Classic Rock Bands

70s Hard Rock Bands

70s Soft Rock Bands

70s British Rock Bands

Rock and Roll Bands of the 70s

Famous 70s Rock Bands

Heavy Metal 70s Rock Bands

70s Punk Rock Bands

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Southern Rock Bands of The 70s

70s American Rock Bands

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70s Prog Rock Bands

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70s Female Rock Bands

Swedish Rock Bands of the 70s


Best 70s Rock Bands


(Video) Top 100 Classic Rock Bands

While there are certainly others that could have made it on this list, we feel that the bands listed here had a particularly big impact on rock music during the 70s.

  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. Fleetwood Mac
  3. Pink Floyd
  4. The Police
  5. Judas Priest
  6. Queen (band)
  7. The Rolling Stones
  8. Eagles (band)
  9. Black Sabbath
  10. AC/DC

70s Classic Rock Bands

Characterized by its heavy guitar riffs and catchy hooks, classic rock peaked in popularity in the mid-1970s. Though it has since been overshadowed by other genres, classic rock still enjoys a large following even today.

Some of the most popular classic rock bands of the 70s include Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and the ones mentioned below. A few of these bands are still touring today, while others have retired from performing altogether.

Regardless, they all had an important impact on rock music in the 70s and deserve recognition for their contributions to society.

  • Aerosmith
  • Deep Purple
  • The Beatles
  • AC/DC
  • Pink Floyd
  • Foreigner (band)
  • Ramones
  • The Doors
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
  • Styx (band)
  • Blue Öyster Cult

70s Hard Rock Bands

Hard rock bands from the 70s are often considered the pioneers of this genre. Formed as an evolution from blues-rock and psychedelic rock, hard rock bands of the 70s such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath helped to establish many of the conventions that are still followed by hard rock bands today.

And while the genre has certainly evolved over the years, the hard rock bands of the 70s remain some of the most popular and influential in the world.

  • Motörhead
  • Scorpions (band)
  • Kiss (band)
  • Uriah Heep
  • Rush (band)
  • Iron Maiden
  • ZZ Top
  • King Crimson
  • Budgie (band)
  • Montrose (band)

70s Soft Rock Bands

Soft rock is a subgenre of rock music that was prominent in the 1970s. This genre has been characterized by more laid-back beats and softer sounds, which are often not as intense as other forms of rock.

In spite of its mellower sound, soft rock has left a lasting legacy on the music industry and even spawned its own radio stations.

So, if you are looking for some great music to listen to then it is hard to go wrong with this list of the best soft rock bands of the 70s.

  • Bee Gees
  • The Carpenters
  • Air Supply
  • Seals and Crofts
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Chicago (band)
  • Hall and Oates
  • Eagles (band)
  • The Doobie Brothers
  • England Dan and John Ford Coley
  • Toto (band)

70s British Rock Bands

Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Pink Floyd are some of the most iconic British rock bands of the 1970s. With their heavy guitar riffs and psychedelic sounds, these bands dominated the airwaves and concert stages throughout the decade.

However, there were also many other great British rock bands that emerged during the 70s. These bands were among the leaders and frontrunners of the British Invasion movement, and they continue to influence new generations of musicians.

Below is a list of ten of the most influential and best British rock bands from the 1970s. Many have stood the test of time over four decades and we would like to thank them for their contributions to music history.

  • The Kinks
  • Joy Division
  • T. Rex (band)
  • Jethro Tull
  • The Clash
  • Roxy Music
  • Genesis (band)
  • The Jam
  • The Yardbirds
  • Brinsley Schwarz
  • The Damned (band)

Rock and Roll Bands of the 70s

The best rock and roll bands of the 70s were a lot different than what we typically see on today. They had plenty of grit and soul, but they also had so much more.

From iconic album covers to major hits, these bands got listeners through some tough times and we’re forever thankful for that. Although there were dozens of bands that could fit on this list, we narrowed it down to the following ten that we feel best represent the era.

  • AC/DC
  • ZZ Top
  • Jethro Tull
  • Styx (band)
  • Blondie (band)
  • Steely Dan
  • Yes (band)
  • Cheap Trick
  • The Beach Boys
  • Talking Heads
  • Bad Company

Famous 70s Rock Bands

(Video) Top 100 Music Artists of the 60's

In this section, we will talk about some of the most famous rock bands from the 1970s. All these bands achieved massive success both in the United States and abroad and are still remembered to this day.

One thing that was common among all these bands is that they all left a major impact on the music scene and continue to influence current artists.

So without further ado, here are ten of the most famous 70s rock bands.

  • Led Zeppelin
  • Pink Floyd
  • Queen (band)
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Black Sabbath
  • AC/DC
  • ZZ Top
  • Deep Purple
  • The Doors
  • Kiss (band)

Thanks to the success of bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, heavy metal grew in popularity during the 70s. Thanks to this, many other groups were able to pursue their dreams and make a living as rock stars.

The following list consists of 10 extremely influential and successful heavy metal bands from the 1970s that were pioneers of the genre.

In the early 70s, heavy metal was still in its infancy. However, by the end of the decade, it had become one of the most popular genres in music. This was largely due to the efforts of the bands on this list, who helped bring metal to the mainstream and make it a household name.

  • Judas Priest
  • Iron Maiden
  • Scorpions (band)
  • Kiss (band)
  • Def Leppard
  • Rainbow
  • Iron Butterfly
  • Blue Cheer
  • Sir Lord Baltimore

70s Punk Rock Bands

The 70s was a time of great change for punk rock. This genre, which was once seen as a subculture, gradually became more mainstream and developed its own unique sound.

As the decade progressed, punk rock bands began to experiment with new styles and sounds. This led to the creation of several new subgenres, including hardcore punk, anarcho-punk, and goth punk.

Despite the genre’s growing popularity, punk rock remained largely underground throughout the 70s. However, this would change in the early 80s when several punk bands achieved mainstream success.

Below is a list of five of the most important and influential punk rock bands from the 1970s. While not all of them achieved mainstream success, they all played a major role in the development of punk rock.

  • Ramones
  • The Clash
  • The Stooges
  • New York Dolls
  • The Damned (band)
  • Buzzcocks
  • Black Flag (band)
  • Blondie (band)
  • Dead Kennedys
  • The Dead Boys
  • The Dead Boys
  • Devo

Southern Rock Bands of The 70s

Is there a difference between southern rock and other forms of rock? Sure, there’s a little nuance. However, modern listeners have come to know southern rock as one of those categories that act as a catch-all for bands from the south.

Southern rock first appeared in the late 60s with the Allman Brothers Band and their self-titled debut album. Little did the world know the south would go on to become one of rock’s most prominent regions, producing numerous major acts.

By the mid-70s, southern rock had entered its golden age. Bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Marshall Tucker Band were ready to take over the music industry by storm, while other talented acts like ZZ Top and the Outlaws were waiting in the wings.

What follows is a list of some of the most important southern rock bands from the 1970s.

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • The Allman Brothers Band
  • The Marshall Tucker Band
  • ZZ Top
  • Molly Hatchet
  • 38 Special (band)
  • Blackfoot (band)
  • Wet Willie
  • Outlaws (band)
  • Black Oak Arkansas
  • Charlie Daniels

70s American Rock Bands

When rock music first came around, most people considered it a strictly British phenomenon. However, that all changed with the rise of psychedelic rock and blues rock in the late 60s. Thanks to bands like Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, American groups were finally getting their due.

This lead to an explosion of incredible talent in 1970s, with many bands rising to prominence. The decade was an especially good one for American rock, with a wide variety of styles being represented.

Below is a list of ten of the most important and influential American rock bands from the 1970s. You may notice that most of them came from the state of California. This was not a coincidence, as this region would go on to become one of the most prominent in rock music.

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • The Byrds
  • Steely Dan
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Sly and the Family Stone
  • The Temptations
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  • Heart (band)
  • The B-52’s
  • Boston (band)
  • Buffalo Springfield

Canadian Rock Bands 70s

Canada’s rock scene was as good as any other in the world, and during the 70s it produced some of the greatest rock bands to date.

It is very hard to narrow down a list of only the ten best Canadian rock bands from the 70s, but I have done my best and came up with this list of top music groups which were extremely influential and important during their time.

These ten bands not only helped define Canadian rock music during the 70s, but also had a significant impact on the international music scene. Thanks to them, Canada is now known as a hotbed for great rock music.

(Video) Top 100 Classic Rock Bands

  • The Guess Who
  • Bachman–Turner Overdrive
  • Rush (band)
  • April Wine
  • Loverboy
  • Steppenwolf (band)
  • Trooper (band)
  • Triumph (band)
  • The Stampeders
  • Max Webster
  • Five Man Electrical Band
  • Doug and the Slugs

70s Country Rock Bands

Country music was already popular in the United States during the 1960s. However, it truly came into its own during the 70s, thanks to incredible performers like the ones mentioned below.

While bands like The Byrds helped bring country rock to mainstream audiences during the 60s, they were largely overshadowed by more prominent rock groups of the time. This all changed with the rise of country-rock bands in the 70s.

They were able to win over audiences by blending authentic country elements with more mainstream rock sounds. This led to the creation of several subgenres, including progressive country rock, outlaw country, and Southern rock.

Below is a list of five of the most important and influential country-rock bands from the 1970s that helped popularize the genre.

  • Poco
  • Buffalo Springfield
  • Pure Prairie League
  • New Riders of the Purple Sage
  • 38 Special (band)
  • Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  • Little Feat
  • The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
  • The Kentucky Headhunters
  • The Doobie Brothers
  • Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

70s Pop Rock Bands

The 70s was a time of great change for pop rock. This genre, which was once seen as a subgenre of rock music, gradually became more independent and developed its own unique sound.

As the decade progressed, pop rock bands began to experiment with new styles and sounds which led to the creation of several new subgenres, including power pop and art rock.

Despite the genre’s growing popularity, pop rock remained largely underground throughout the 70s. However, this would change in the early 80s when several pop rock bands achieved mainstream success.

Bands like The Carpenters, The Jackson 5, and Simon & Garfunkel dominated the music charts during the early 70s. However, by the middle of the decade, a new wave of pop rock bands began to emerge.

These bands helped bring pop rock to mainstream audiences and make it one of the most popular genres in music. With that said, here is a list of five of the most important and influential pop rock bands from the 1970s.

  • Emerson, Lake and Palmer
  • Grand Funk Railroad
  • The Hollies
  • The Jackson 5
  • Supertramp
  • The Velvet Underground
  • Badfinger
  • Kansas (band)
  • Three Dog Night

70s Prog Rock Bands

Although it was not as popular as other genres, progressive rock had a strong impact on the music scene during the 70s.

Thanks to this movement, many groups were able to experiment with their sounds and play longer songs that often featured complex arrangements, tempo changes, and lyrical themes.

Below are a few of the best prog rock bands of the 70s that helped popularize the genre. These bands were not afraid to experiment with their sounds or break taboos when it came to lyrical themes. This helped them to stand out from the rest of the pack and achieve massive success.

  • Gentle Giant
  • Van der Graaf Generator
  • Soft Machine
  • Premiata Forneria Marconi
  • Marillion
  • The Nice
  • Hawkwind
  • Ange
  • Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes
  • Curved Air
  • Electric Light Orchestra
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  • Gentle Giant

70s Glam Rock Bands

Glam rock is a genre of rock music that emerged in the early 1970s in the United Kingdom. The style was often characterized by outrageous clothes, makeup, and hairstyles, as well as sexually suggestive lyrics and performance.

Many of the most popular glam rock bands in the 70s were from the United Kingdom and include acts such as T. Rex, Roxy Music, and David Bowie.

Below is a list of the best glam rock bands that defined the genre in the 70s with their unique style and sound. Although some of these bands may not be around today, their music will definitely live on forever.

  • The Sweet
  • Roxy Music
  • T. Rex (band)
  • Slade
  • New York Dolls
  • Mott The Hoople
  • Wizzard
  • Mud (band)
  • Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
  • The Glitter Band
  • Sparks (band)
  • Bay City Rollers
  • Silverhead

70s Blues Rock Bands

By the late 1960s, blues rock had become one of the most popular genres of music in the world. This was largely due to the success of bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, and Led Zeppelin.

The 70s continued this trend and saw the emergence of many great blues rock bands. These bands often combined traditional blues with rock to produce some of the most memorable tracks in music history which are still popular to this day.

Below is a list of the 10 best blues rock bands of the 1970s. These bands helped define the genre and left a lasting legacy on the music industry. We hope you enjoy their music!

  • John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
  • Canned Heat
  • The Yardbirds
  • Ten Years After
  • Savoy Brown
  • The Animals
  • Foghat
  • The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  • Big Brother and the Holding Company
  • Humble Pie
  • Little Feat

70s Female Rock Bands

When you think about rock music, the first people that come to mind are usually male. This is because many of the best-known rock bands of all time have been led by men, including Queen, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, and Van Halen.

However, it was not always this way. By the start of the 70s, female rock bands were becoming more and more common. These women often carried the torch during a time when rock music was dominated by men, and they left a lasting impression on the genre.

Below is a list of 10 best female rock bands of the 1970s that have paved the way for many great acts to follow. These women are pioneers who helped break down musical barriers with their talent and raw energy.

  • The Runaways
  • Fanny (band)
  • The Pleasure Seekers
  • The Ace of Cups
  • The Heart Beats
  • The Shaggs
  • Lydia Lunch
  • the Welders

Swedish Rock Bands of the 70s

Do you know who are The Hives, Europe, or ABBA? These may not be household names to you, but they should be. All of these bands are Swedish and rose to fame in the 70s.

Sweden’s music scene started to take off during this decade. Many great artists emerged from the country, including the members of ABBA who would go on to become one of the most successful bands in history.


This list honors the lesser-known yet equally talented Swedish rock bands that came out of the 70s.

  • Ebba Grön
  • Wilmer X
  • Tages (band)
  • The Spotnicks
  • Snowstorm (band)
  • Samla Mammas Manna


So, there you have it, 100+ popular rock bands of the 70s. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It has been a pleasure to research and compile all of this information for you.

Please feel free to share this article with your friends and family. And if you have any thoughts or feedback, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you think!


Who was most popular rock band of 1970s? ›

15 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Rock Bands Of The 1970s
  • Led Zeppelin.
  • Pink Floyd.
  • Fleetwood Mac.
  • AC/DC.
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  • Queen.
  • Chicago.
  • Kansas.
5 days ago

Who was the biggest rock star in the 70s? ›

Elton John was the quintessential rock star of the 1970s. He was prolific. He had huge songs. And he had iconic albums that people still have in rotation today.

Who is the #1 rock band of all time? ›

The Beatles

The Beatles are unquestionably the best and most important band in rock history, as well as the most compelling story.

Who were the progressive rock heavy metal rock bands of the 70s? ›

Bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin were the hardest rocking acts of the era while acts like Rush and King Crimson were standouts in the prog community, as limited and nebulous as it was at the time.

What band sold the most records in the 1970s? ›

The top 10 selling artists of the 70s
  1. 1 Pink Floyd.
  2. 2 Eagles. ...
  3. 3 Led Zeppelin. ...
  4. 4 Queen. ...
  5. 5 Elton John. ...
  6. 6 ABBA. ...
  7. 7 Rod Stewart & Faces. ...
  8. 8 Bob Marley. ...
Apr 4, 2022

Who is the king of rock in 1970? ›

Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977), often referred to mononymously as Elvis, was an American singer, actor and Sergeant in the United States Army. Dubbed the "King of Rock and Roll", he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century.

What was the heaviest song of the 70s? ›

Below is the entire top 20 Heaviest Songs of the 70's list as voted by UG readers:
  • Van Halen – Atomic Punk.
  • Judas Priest – Delivering the Goods.
  • KISS – God of Thunder.
  • UFO – Rock Bottom.
  • King Crimson – Red.
  • Scorpions – The Sails of Charon.
  • Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath.
  • Saxon – Stallions of the Highway.
Nov 19, 2021

Who was the biggest band in the late 70s? ›

There's a reason Zeppelin earned the nickname “The Biggest Band in the World” during a large portion of the 1970s.

Who is the most loved rock band? ›

25 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Rock Bands Of All Time
  • The Rolling Stones.
  • Pink Floyd.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Queen.
  • The Beatles.
  • AC/DC.
  • Aerosmith.
  • Fleetwood Mac.
2 days ago

Who is the best-selling rock band of all time? ›

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 183 million units certified sales.

Who is the best-selling American rock band? ›

The best-selling album ever in America is the Eagles' Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, released in 1976. With 29 million copies sold it is also one of the highest-selling albums globally with 45 million copies sold worldwide.

Who were the most popular heavy metal bands in the 1970s? ›

Black Sabbath, Kiss, AC/DC, Van Halen and others still dominate the touring industry. Their 1970s work left a huge impression, and classic rock radio has introduced their music to people too young to hear it the first time around.

Who were the big four heavy metal bands? ›

Known as The Big Four, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer continue to cast an unavoidable shadow over contemporary metal.

Who had top 10 hits in the 70s? ›

for Top 100 lists.
  • Layla - Derek and the Dominos.
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel.
  • Let It Be - The Beatles.
  • Your Song - Elton John.
  • Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine - James Brown.
  • Lola - The Kinks.
  • Who'll Stop the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival.
  • Fire and Rain - James Taylor.
Sep 19, 2005

What band had the most number one hits in the 70s? ›

Number ones

The Bee Gees scored the most number-one hits (9 songs) and had the longest cumulative run atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart (27 weeks) during the 1970s.

What was the biggest selling album of the 70's? ›

Simon & Garfunkel had the biggest-selling album of the 1970s with Bridge over Troubled Water.

What was the number 1 album in the 70s? ›

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were the kings of the scene as the '70s began. Simon & Garfunkel's farewell album, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was the top-selling album of the year. Its title track was the top-selling single.

What band has the most hit songs of all time? ›

Though unclear for how long, the Beatles still reign supreme as the artist with the most No. 1 songs of all time.

Who is considered the father of rock and roll? ›

Revolutionary blues singer Chuck Berry, often referred to as the "poet laureate" and "father" of rock 'n' roll, died Saturday, police in Missouri said.

Who was the prince of rock and roll? ›

Prince was the rare artist that could do everything well: sing, dance, write and arrange songs, produce music and lead a band. An astoundingly prolific—and chameleonic—songwriter, he released dozens and dozens of albums throughout his nearly 40-year career.

Who was Elvis favorite singer? ›

Elvis held Roy Orbison is very high regard, publicly stating that Roy had ' most perfect voice' and referring to him as the 'greatest singer in the world' during one of his Vegas concerts. And Roy's respect was mutual, he went to Elvis' concerts from 1954 to 1976.

What was the number one rock and roll song in 1970? ›

Criteria: Songs listed are from Rock 'n' Roll and related sub-genres.
100 Greatest Songs From 1970.
1LaylaDerek And The Dominos
2Bridge Over Troubled WaterSimon and Garfunkel
3Let It BeBeatles
4Your SongElton John
128 more rows
Feb 15, 2009

What is the biggest rock song of all time? ›

The Best Rock Songs of All Time: The Ultimate Top 40
  • 8. “( ...
  • 7. “ Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen.
  • 6. “ Like a Rolling Stone” – Bob Dylan.
  • 5. “ That's Alright Mama” – Elvis Presley.
  • 4. “ Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana.
  • 3. “ Sweet Jane” – Velvet Underground.
  • 2. “ Johnny B. ...
  • 1. “ Strawberry Fields Forever” – The Beatles.
Feb 22, 2023

What was the biggest song of 1976? ›

And…the #1 song for 1976 was……….. Silly Love Songs by Wings, the group headed by former Beatle bass guitarist/keyboardist Paul McCartney. The song stayed on the charts at #1 for five weeks.

What bands did hippies listen to? ›

Traditional folk music was widespread and popular by the mid-'60s, thanks to events like the Newport Folk Festival and artists such as Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Joan Baez. Psychedelic music was still in its infancy at that time, fast gaining popularity thanks to acts like The Beatles, Donovan, and The Yardbirds.

Who was the biggest band in the 80? ›

15 Of The Most Famous Rock Bands Of The 1980s
  • Mötley Crüe.
  • Bon Jovi.
  • Van Halen.
  • Guns N' Roses.
  • Metallica.
  • Foreigner.
  • Journey.
  • ZZ Top.

What rock band had the most number one hits? ›

Leading the way among all acts (not just groups) are The Beatles. During their time together, the Fab Four managed an incredible 20 No. 1s on the Hot 100, and they remain the only name in U.S. history to reach that make, though Mariah Carey is just one champion behind.

Who is the most loved boy band? ›

Best-selling boy bands
NameNationalityClaimed sales
Backstreet BoysUnited States130 million
The Jackson 5United States100 million
The OsmondsUnited States77 million
New Kids on the BlockUnited States70 million
6 more rows

Who is the most influential band of all time? ›

Rock on!
  1. The Beatles. As if The Beatles need any introduction: The Liverpool quartet is one of the bestselling, most influential bands in the history of music. ...
  2. Rolling Stones. ...
  3. Prince & The Revolution. ...
  4. Queen. ...
  5. Guns N' Roses. ...
  6. AC/DC. ...
  7. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. ...
  8. Led Zeppelin.
Oct 4, 2021

What is the most played song of all time? ›

"Blinding Lights" by the Weeknd (pictured) is the most-streamed song of all time on Spotify, with over 3.4 billion streams as of March 2023.

What is the top 10 selling albums of all time? ›

Top 10 Highest-Selling Albums of All Time in the US
  • Fleetwood Mac — “Rumours” ...
  • Hootie & the Blowfish — “Cracked Rear View” ...
  • Pink Floyd — “The Wall” ...
  • Led Zeppelin — “Zeppelin IV” ...
  • The Beatles — “The Beatles” ...
  • AC/DC — “Back in Black” ...
  • Eagles — “Hotel California” ...
  • Michael Jackson— “Thriller”

What American rock band has the most gold albums? ›

Forty years later and the band is still rocking. Congratulations to KISS on their Gold album milestone and continued success.” KISS remains one of the most influential bands in the history of rock and roll.

Who is the second best rock band? ›

The Beatles closely followed in second with 15% of participants choosing the Fab Four, while Rolling Stones placed third with 6% of the vote. Other much-loved rock bands making the Top 10 included Fleetwood Mac (5%), Oasis (5%), Pink Floyd (4%) and Metallica (3%).

What is the oldest metal band? ›

The first heavy metal acts are considered to be Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, often referred to as the “unholy trinity”. Led Zeppelin released their self-titled debut in 1969, while Black Sabbath and Deep Purple put out influential records in 1970.

What is the number 1 heavy metal band? ›

1. Metallica. Metallica fans love to complain.

What band is the king of heavy metal? ›

Led Zeppelin (1968)

Led Zeppelin are often regarded as the band that invented heavy metal for several different reasons.

Who is the king of heavy rock? ›

"There was only one king of rock 'n' roll = Elvis Presley. And there was only one KING of heavy rock music = Ronnie James Dio.

Who is known as the father of big bands? ›

Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - Father of the Big Band, 1925-1937 Album Reviews, Songs & More | AllMusic.

Who was the best big band leader? ›

Glenn Miller

The Iowa-born Miller, a trombonist, composer, arranger and, above all, leader of arguably the best known big band in the world, was at the peak of his career at the time.

Who are the big 5 in metal? ›

The genre was commercially successful during the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s, with the "Big Four" of thrash metal – Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax – being joined by Exodus, Overkill, Testament, and Sepultura, as well as the "Big Four" of German thrash metal: Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, and Tankard.

Who was the most popular classic rock band? ›

As you might have suspected, The Beatles top our list at No. 1. With record sales estimated at more than a billion worldwide, no other band has had a greater influence on the course of rock music and music history in general.

What was the biggest selling song of the 70s? ›

The Official Top 10 best-selling singles from the 1970s
6 more rows
Nov 9, 2022

What is the number one oldies song of all time? ›

1. "Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland. This song came to popularity as the most famous track from The Wizard of Oz.

What was the #1 song of 1970? ›

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Who is the biggest selling rock band of all time? ›

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 183 million units certified sales.

Who were the biggest band ever? ›

1. The Beatles — 183 million units.

Who was the biggest band in 1977? ›

1977: Fleetwood Mac

The album would spawn four hit singles and cement Fleetwood Mac as one of the biggest bands in world.

What was the #1 rock song in 1976? ›

And…the #1 song for 1976 was……….. Silly Love Songs by Wings, the group headed by former Beatle bass guitarist/keyboardist Paul McCartney. The song stayed on the charts at #1 for five weeks.


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3. Best-Selling Music Artists 1969 - 2019
(Data Is Beautiful)
4. Metallica, Guns' N Roses, Queen, Scorpions, The Beatles 🔥 Classic Rock Songs 70s 80s 90s Full Album
(Classic Rock Music)
5. Top 20 Greatest Rock Bands
6. Top 10 Hard Rock Bands of the 1970s
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