Prague Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 September Update] (2023)

Welcome to Prague’s premier nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Prague. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


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Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, the 14th largest city in the European Union and the historical capital of Bohemia, the city has a temperate climate, with warm summers and chilly winters.

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Prague is a political, cultural and economic center of central Europe complete with a rich history. Prague is home to a number of well-known cultural attractions, many of which survived the violence and destruction of 20th-century Europe. Main attractions include Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock, the Jewish Quarter, Petřín hill and Vyšehrad. Since 1992, the extensive historic center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

The city has more than ten major museums, along with numerous theatres, galleries, cinemas, and other nightlife experience options. An extensive modern public transportation system connects the city. Prague is classified as an “Alpha” global city according to GaWC studies, the city was ranked as 69th most liveable city in the world, second in the former Eastern Bloc to Berlin. It’s rich history makes it a popular tourist destination and as of 2017, the city receives more than 8.5 million international visitors annually. Prague is the fourth most visited European city after London, Paris, and Rome.

Here in this article, we will provide all the necessary information related to nightlife features of Prague, including a comprehensive list of the best destinations. You will find all the tools and necessary information here to organize your holidays in Prague the most complete way to make your journey a beautiful experience.

The Nightlife of Prague

Despite its relatively small size, the Czech capital of Prague is always jam-packed with magnificent sights, each endowed with a long and varied history. If you are coming to enjoy the glory of Prague nightlife we have got you covered. Because coming to the city with little or no information can really waste your time and money, which would be your worst nightmare. Because every night and day in Prague serves a spectacular variety of activities that one can enjoy to make the tour absolutely memorable. There are a tremendous amount of bars, lounges, and dance clubs for partying hard or you could enjoy a relaxing conversation with your other half and have a drink. The city has been designed for all sort of activities, keeping in mind the diversity of people coming there.

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You may not encounter your worst experience, therefore, we have chosen the finest and the best locations to enjoy the nightlife of Prague to catch the spectacular memories of your life. While there aren’t any Nightlife-specific areas in Prague there are ample amount of hotels, bars, and night clubs. Apart from the above general, there are some other nightlife specific activities which could also be enjoyed. So here we have compiled this list of what we believe are the top activities to do in Prague at night, check out our recommended options here for the best venues available in Prague and all are ready to make you happy while you are enjoying your nightlife experience over there:

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Prague National Theatre

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The rich, artistic folklore of Prague is well-shown in every Czech opera performance produced in this Neo-Renaissance theater. Since inception, it has played a significant role in the development of the Czech language, music and country’s dramatic arts. It has the largest ballet company in the city running from 5 to 7 performances depending on the season. A sample of their performances includes Swan Lake Nutcracker productions, Laterna Magika, Cinderella and other local productions.

Dine and cruise along River Vltava

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Spend your evening by having dinner along River Vltava, the longest river in the Czech Republic, and take in the floodlit beauty of Prague by meandering along with the breathtaking views of the river. Though you’re in a capital city, you can feel the presence of nature with the swans floating around in search of food and other birds flying and swooping down on the water. From the river around Charles Bridge, you can see the Highland and slopes of the magnificent Petrin Hill. To start an enchanting night, try to dine at one of the riverside restaurants or choose a buffet of hot and cold dishes on the boat while sailing.

Ghost Tours

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One of the exciting activities you can do in Prague at night is joining the ghost and vampire tours and discovering the eerie side of the historical city. This tour focuses on the storytelling of ghosts, legends, and paranormal events while walking with a group of mystery hunters along the darkened streets of Prague’s Old Town. There are no special effects or cheap tricks included just to frighten the tourists. The tour is a great deal package for those who seek some spooky sightseeing trip and spine-chilling mystery adventures. Make sure to try out this thing as it will really challenge your goosebumps.

Royal Café Theatre

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A mix of 1920s Czech First Republic and Hollywood, exceptionally redecorated and with an entertaining listing of theater performances and film screenings, Royal Theater Café is a wonderful combination of old and new things to really get you going in the city. This multi-purpose cultural venue was one of the largest and most modern of its time, set in a splendid old movie theater, and was established in 1929. The cinema is more of a dinner theater having special theme nights making it so busy with a lot of schedules in line. Be sure to hit this place to grasp the feel of this unique concept in Prague city.

Best Bars in Prague

Prague may be known for its proud beer culture, but you can find countless wine bars scattered through the city. The capital city of the Czech Republic is a red hot tourist destination and for good reason. In a city where winter brings wet grey weather six months out of the year, cheery pubs were an integral part surviving the gloom. Prague is inundated with all manner of bars and pubs, beer gardens, wine shops, and cocktail bars, all serving the delicious lager beers that the Czech Republic is famous for. With so many bars to pick from it is no wonder most tourists and first-time visitors are sometimes at a loss as to which one to visit.

The list below is a compilation of what we consider to be the best bars in Prague, we’ve put together an ultimate guide here to the best bars in Prague to help you narrow, so go out with your friends and loved-one out there to have a memorable experience on your vacation at Prague:

Bad Flash

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For all you beer and wine connoisseurs out there, Bad Flash is a bar in Prague you won’t want to miss at all. They offer 12 beers on draft as well as over 300 bottled beers and several wines to choose from. With two locations, one in Vršovice and another in Karlín, they are one of the best bars in Prague. Serving beer from their own Bad Flash Brewery in the Czech Republic and other specialty beer from around the world, you will be dying to try all the options. The bartenders know their stuff so feel free to ask them for recommendations if you are not sure what to order.

Black Angel’s Bar

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Named one of the top four hotel bars in the world at the prestigious annual spirit awards ceremony, Tales of the Cocktail, Black Angel’s Bar is a must-visit for any cocktail-lover in Prague. Located in the renovated Gothic-style cellar of the Hotel U Prince in Old Town Square, the Bar’s atmosphere pulsates with centuries-old energy, despite its 1930s public-house theme. Enjoy one of history’s forgotten drinks, like the gin-based Corpse Reviver, as you relax on one of the rich, red leather banquettes and revel in the opulence.

Café Bar Pilotů

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This cocktail bar in the culturally vibrant Vršovice district offers stellar drinks in a convivial atmosphere. The vast open space is decorated with a well-stocked bookshelf, which takes up an entire wall, and simple wooden tables and armchairs. Customers can enjoy inventive twists on classic cocktails, with each one named after other neighborhood bars and enterprises in the community.


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Looking for a place to drink fresh, delicious Czech beer? Lokál is your spot! With five locations around Prague, it is easy to fit this place into your schedule no matter where in the city you end up. Try the Pilsner straight from the tank or get a little more adventurous with the unfiltered dark Kozel, either way, you won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget to try the food while you are at it! Lokál serves a variety of Czech classics with a unique twist, so you will get a truly authentic food and beverage experience during your visit.

Hemingway Bar

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This award-winning cocktail lounge pays tribute to Ernest Hemingway, a writer who’s as famous for his drinking habits as he is for his work. The bar has Cuban-inspired decor with wood furnishings and leather seats, in a nod to Hemingway’s love of the island. The experienced mixologists are always glad to recommend custom-designed drinks, while the unique cocktail list is heavy on absinthe and champagne. Ernest Hemingway’s penchant for fine rum is also celebrated here, with 200 kinds on offer.

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With two locations in the center, this hip wine bar offers a massive selection of wines from the famous Moravian wine region of Czechia, as well as the Bohemian region and around the world. You can choose from over 50 wines poured by the glass, and about a thousand by the bottle. After sitting at your table, the bar staff will bring you a tablet where you can browse all of the wines in their cellar and make your choice. They also feature an extensive food menu. Pair your wine with an assortment of meats and cheeses, or go for something heartier, like a Croque Monsieur or pasta dish.

The Golden Tiger

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The historic Golden Tiger, known locally as U Zlatého Tygra, offers an authentic Czech pub experience within the old touristic center. In the evenings, the front benches are automatically reserved for old-time regulars, who still come daily for the fresh pilsner on tap. The pub is famous for being Czech author Bohumil Hrabal’s regular haunt, while other notable clients include the first president of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel, and former American president Bill Clinton.

Pivo a parek

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A quality draught beer and a bite to eat is all you need for a solid pub night in Prague, as proven by this laid-back local favorite. Locations in the Vinohrady and Žižkov neighbourhoods serve just what the name promises, ‘beer and hot dogs’, but think more grilled sausages and bread than a doughy American bun. Casually dressed beer fans line the pub tables and mellow outdoor gardens, where smoking is still fairly common.


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This intimate Karlín wine bar is not limited to local wines, but you won’t find any bottles that have crossed an ocean here. The daily selection of natural vino poured each night comes exclusively from countries within the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. The friendly, multilingual staff are happy to chat about personal preferences and price points.


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Situated in the heart of Žižkov, this is the perfect place to start a night out. With friendly staff, a cozy interior, and delicious cocktails, you can’t go wrong with Bukowski’s. A favorite of locals and tourists alike, this trendy bar in Prague can get pretty crowded, especially on special nights! Every Tuesday is Ladies Night with free pitchers of sangria, and every Sunday is Seven Crown Night where you pay only 7 crowns for a small draft beer. These deals and the quality of the cocktails make Bukowski’s one of the best bars in Prague. Be sure to order one of their specials and most wanted the Greenback!

Bar Cobra

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The effortlessly cool spot near Letná Park fades from mellow table service through the afternoons and evenings into a DJ-backed party from Thursday to Saturday. Just a tram ride across the river from Prague’s Old Town, locals sprawl across the window ledges on hot summer days, making it easier to spot this subtly marked bar lined with black awnings. Draught beer, sparkling wine and a seasonal cocktail menu fuel the party into the early hours.

Beer Geek

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Your average Czech pub will offer one or two lagers from a single brand and potentially a dark ale on draught. But Beer Geek breaks the ‘Pilsner is king’ tradition with 32 microbrews on tap ranging from sours to stouts, catering to an international clientele in the Vinohrady neighborhood. Americans, Brits, Germans and Belgians could all easily find a hometown favorite on tap. Food-wise, expect chicken wings in 11 different forms.

Best Bar Restaurants in Prague

Fine dining in Prague used to be limited to a couple of options here and there but, now, the City of a Hundred Spires has diversified in both its inhabitants and its restaurant offerings, all without losing its down-to-earth spirit, which means that you can enjoy some of the best and finest cuisines of the city coupled with best-tasting drinks. When you are out and about in Prague the best option is to choose a great restaurant that also serves drinks and wines that way you will never have to leave your best food place to get yourself some good drinks. So, you don’t miss out those great options available in fine dining that is why we have come up with some of the best and premium restaurants available in Prague so you don’t find yourself in the hassle of looking for them:

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

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This restaurant serves food based on recipes from 19th-century Czech cookbook, but refined to impress any of today’s gourmands; that’s what La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise has achieved, and they have received one of Prague’s two 2018 Michelin Stars being one of the favorite restaurants of the people. This premier high-end dining destination goes against all the stereotypical misconceptions associated with Czech restaurants i.e. it’s not cheap, it’s not heavy, and there’s no gruff service insight. Instead, guests savor their way through a multi-course degustation menu from carefully selected ingredients, plated in bold, minimalist presentations. Small tastes of beer, wine, and fruit juices are conscientiously paired with each course.


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Krčma is one of Prague’s hidden treasures. Located just a quick five-minute walk from Old Town Square, this hidden gem serves some of the best traditional Czech cuisine in the City Centre without the scandalous tourist pricing. The underground setting creates a cozy tavern atmosphere, making it the perfect location to grab a pint of pilsner and a plate of Svíčková. It often fills up in the evening, especially on weekends, so be sure to book a table in advance.

Naše Maso

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Naše Maso is a small, heavily-frequented butcher shop which offers quality meat and quick meals to a lunchtime crowd in Old Town’s Dlouha Passage. Moreover, it’s a bit of a hard thing to refer Naše Maso which literally translates to “our meat” as a restaurant really, it’s actually a butcher’s shop with a few coveted tables. You can always count on the meat being fresh, locally sourced and treated with loving care from the team of butchers in the back. Although this is a physically small member of Prague’s Ambiente restaurant group, it still thrills crowds daily. They are famous for and are committed to maintaining traditional Czech butchery techniques and partnerships with humane local farmers.

Café Savoy

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Serving both classic Czech dishes and traditional French cuisine, Café Savoy’s delicious food is accompanied by stunningly beautiful wooden interior design, creating an elegant, upscale atmosphere. Breakfast is served daily with a’ la carte options and combination offers such as English or French breakfast. The lunch and dinner menus include delicacies like beef tartare and slow-roasted duck, and there is also the possibility to select a five-course menu crafted by Head Chef Michal Mlejnek. The pastry chef, Lukáš Pohl, has previously worked for Michelin-starred restaurants so be sure to save room for dessert, especially the dark chocolate, cherry and marzipan Savoy cake.



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Field is the Prague’s newest Michelin-star winner which serves fresh ingredients in a simple ambiance near the Jewish Quarter of Old Town, which attempts to source locally while creating an exciting, Scandinavian-inspired menu. You can have the option of ordering their ten-course tasting menu or eating à la carte, and both give you choices like kohlrabi and quark or various fish creations that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in Czech Republic. In addition to wine pairings with the taster menu, Field also features non-alcoholic drink pairings which are mostly vegetable juices.


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Asian fusion restaurant Sansho effortlessly combines fine dining with family-style service. There is an a’ la carte menu available for lunch, but the six-course dinner menu is served family-style at communal tables with visitors being able to select a meat, fish or vegetarian option. The seating arrangement creates a sense of community among diners. The high-quality ingredients are sourced from Czech farms and Prague’s local Vietnamese markets, and Sansho prides itself on using every part of the animal. It was the first restaurant in Prague to do so.

Portfolio Restaurant

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Portfolio Restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. Offering a fine-dining experience that combines fresh ingredients with an excellent wine list, the restaurant pulls inspiration from French and Italian cuisines to create something all its own. The contemporary interior design of the restaurant was created using pieces from Czech furniture designers, complementing the first-rate service and colorful dishes.

Marthy’s Kitchen

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The culinary game is already strong in Prague, and Marthy’s Kitchen leads the way with all of your favorite fluffy omelets, croque monsieurs, homemade waffles or eggs benedict, for example, all in a cozy spot that will remind you of a French garden. It is a tiny French bistro filling every available corner with pillow-laden benches and small tables packed with sweet and savory goodness in the Vinohrady neighborhood. While they won’t rush you through savoring every bite, a crowd at the door waiting for the next available table keeps patrons from lingering too long after finishing their brunch. You can’t make a reservation for brunch that easy, but the quality is worth the wait, which sums up this restaurant as best in the field of brunch.

Garuda Indonesian

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The Indonesian chefs at Garuda Indonesian in Prague’s Holešovice neighborhood prepare their spicy food using traditional family recipes. Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that they import coffee beans directly from Indonesia and roast them on-site. So, if you are looking for a place to get some work done or simply relax after filling up on the restaurant’s delicious food, be sure to check out their lounge area and chill-out zone.

U Modré kachničky

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U Modré kachničky is an artfully decorated, comfortable atmosphere serving decadent meals of duck and game with friendly, informative service in Prague’s Malá Strana neighborhood. At first glance, the medieval decorations at this extremely decorated restaurant, think armor, lush maroon velvet, mahogany colored wood, might strike you as kitschy. Once you are treated to the welcoming service and the chefs’ penchant for creatively dealing with traditional Czech tastes and ingredients, it will all become appealing. The tasting menu paired with wine will teach you a thing or two about Czech wine tradition, and make sure you save room for dessert. Be sure to try out the five or seven-course tasting menu which is combined with the best options available in wines to give your taste buds a nice walkaway.

Bibimbap Korea

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Run by a sweet Korean couple who warmly greet regular customers every time, Bibimbap Korea will give you an unforgettable culinary tour of it’s namesake country. You’d be remiss not to at least try the bibimbap, but then you might have issues ever appreciating anyone else’s Bibimbap. Their Korean fried chicken is also memorable, but your best bet really is to order family style and try as much as possible.


Prague Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 September Update] (30)

It’s a high-end continental cuisine that offers the best sightseeing of waterfront scenery under the Old Town Bridge Tower. Chef’s modern techniques towards traditional Czech and international dishes keeps them there. Degustation menus can take guests through a choice of Czech classics, restaurant favorites, or seasonal specialties. Join the crowd of stylish diners drawing the eyes of passing travelers as they wonder why they didn’t think to dine on a deck overlooking the Vltava River. Then work off your meal with a hike to the top of the neighboring Old Town Bridge Tower and admire the view while investigating who replaced you at the table. All in all, it’s a great option to spend your night on.

Terasa U Zlaté studně

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It is a romantic restaurant set on a rooftop terrace of the Golden Well Hotel, located on the cobblestoned hills of Malá Strana just underneath the Prague Castle. You must visit this place for a full sensory experience because you can’t simply beat Terasa U Zlaté studně. Executive Chef Pavel Sapik applies his passion for food and culinary family background to create award-winning touches and artistic presentations on both Czech and international dishes. On a warm evening, plan on using the whole evening to enjoy a bottle of wine or two, indulge in the taster course and watch the light change over the city.

Best Nightclub in Prague

The best nightclubs in Prague boast an evening full of glitz and glamor. Apart from the food scenes and eateries, sometimes you may want to simply enjoy dancing on some great beats and enjoy a drink. Or, you just want to hang out with some friends at a nice place or want to make some new friends. Well, you should stop worrying because Prague’s nightclubs offer a perfect spot for everyone. From finding your other half to hanging out with your friends you can enjoy heavily in such nightclubs. With so many options available, it can sometimes become difficult to choose or identify a great option. Check out our recommendations here, grab a group of friends or special someone and explore Prague’s glamorous nightlife activities going on at the optimum best night clubs in Prague:

Karlovy Lazne

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Nightclubs are usually very easy to spot, but Karlovy Lazne really stands out in this regard. It is a massive 5-story building located right next to Charles Bridge. The main attraction is that those five levels each offer a different music style. Basically, you get five music clubs for the price of one admission fee. The lowest level is for mainstream music, the most popular songs at the moment. The second floor is for dance music, while the third is for oldies. Next up, you have RnB music and hip hop. The final floor is a chill-out zone, there to help you relax after going through the previous levels. As a bonus, you can also find the Ice Pub on the ground floor, a unique bar where absolutely everything is made of ice.

Lucerna Music Club

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Situated in the immediate vicinity of Wenceslas Square, Lucerna Music Club offers a wide selection of music genres in a slightly mellower atmosphere. Every Friday and Saturday, the club hosts a theme night of sorts, a party dedicated to the 80s & 90s. A large screen shows original music videos from the era and offers guests something to look at while they take a break from the dance floor. During the rest of the week, the club is home to various live performances, by Czech and foreign bands alike. Jazz, blues, rock, reggae, pop, and more – there is something for everyone. The building itself is also worth a look. The club belongs to the Lucerna Palace and is a former cabaret.

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SaSaZu is located in Holesovice, a Prague neighborhood renowned as a party district. The club is enormous, covering an area of 5,000M. At full capacity, this is enough to fit approximately 2,000 people, ensuring an atmosphere reminiscent of a music festival. The sleek interior attracts fans of dance music, house, pop, ethnic, and funk. In addition, the complex also features a restaurant serving Asian cuisine. Therefore, if you didn’t get a chance to eat during the stag do, SaSaZu has you covered.

M1 Lounge

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You can find the M1 Lounge in the vicinity of the Old Town Square, in the very center of Prague. The club is a premier location for hip hop and RnB music and is one of the trendiest places in town. It is very popular not only among the locals but also with global celebrities visiting this gorgeous city. It also features exquisite VIP bottle service, if you don’t mind spending some extra cash. The club is also relatively small so it’s best to make a reservation well in advance.


Prague Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 September Update] (36)

Meetfactory is not the easiest venue to find. Situated off the beaten track, in a repurposed old factory, it takes a bit of effort to get to this multi-functional complex. In addition to music, it also has a theatre and an art gallery. However, you will have a tough time finding a better sound system in all of Prague, which is why live performances are so popular here. Electronic music, disco, experimental, and even modern classical, it all depends on the event and when you visit.


Prague Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 September Update] (37)

If you are a fan of progressive dance music, then Roxy is the choice for you. Its famous parties attract visitors from all over the world and have a cult status among the locals. The venue also hosts live concerts. An aesthetic reminiscent of old-school movie theatres and an experimental gallery combine to provide a unique experience. The visuals are unlike anything else and words cannot do them justice.

Music Club Zlaty Strom

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A safe bet for any partier, Zlaty Strom is about as one-size-fits-all as it gets. Its location is one of the easiest to get to, right between Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge, in the basement of the Golden Tree hotel. With three underground dance floors, each with different DJs and different jams, you will inevitably find something to vibe to. That’s if you can manage to navigate the puzzling layout that often feels like an underground maze.


Prague Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 September Update] (39)

The biker theme of this club tells you all you need to know about the vibe to expect. For those looking for a different scene, the grungy, dimly-lit basement of Harley’s makes for a hazy environment for a hazy night. The wide range of rock music playing all night is a stark contrast from the typical Prague nightclubs’ lineup of Top 40 hits, trance, and EDM. It’s got a great central location so walk on over and watch the bartenders put on a fiery show.


Prague Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 September Update] (40)

The Duplex offers an awe-inspiring sight before you even set foot in it. This rooftop venue sits high atop a building at the center of the famous Wenceslas Square. The glass cube comes to life with state-of-the-art lighting and you can see the figures of dancers through the sides. It is a beacon of nightlife in Prague. A restaurant by day, Duplex transforms into the definitive nightclub which primarily plays house music.

Phenomen Music Club

Prague Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 September Update] (41)

Be sure to arrive around 8 pm, when DJ’s start spinning. Nibble salted almonds or vegetables chips, washed down by a large mug of Staropramen, brewed in Prague’s Smichov district close to Phenomen. Every Thursday is singles evening, Hot Saturday, I Love Music, the sexy go-go dancers or the Bongo Bongo party. If your Prague visit coincides with a performance of an original English Stand-up Comedy, be sure to arrive early to secure a good place. Forget Mondays and Sundays when no events are staged.

Ace Club

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Found right at the heart of the city, Ace Club offers drinks at surprisingly reasonable prices for the area, drawing in the crowds. Here, you can party to the best R&B hits of all time, all night long. Ace Club also hosts themed parties, including Fiesta Latina, a Latin music-infused R&B party that takes place every Wednesday. The website carries details for upcoming celebrations, such as Ladies’ Night and Swerve Fridays. Whether you are a local in Prague or just visiting for the weekend, Ace Club is a destination you can’t miss.

Chapeau Rouge

Prague Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 September Update] (43)

Once your night has started getting a bit blurry, Chapeau Rouge should be your go-to nightclub. It might not look like much from the outside, but that’s because you are only seeing it from ground level. Below ground lie several stories of bars and dancefloors. The deeper you go, the crazier it gets. For the wildest, sweatiest night out you could imagine, Chapeau Rouge is the spot to be.


Let us conclude the topic, here in this article we had a brief introduction of Prague along with highlighting some of its prominent norms, culture, and nightlife features. We also went through different activities and places to enjoy the nightlife of the region, Musical venues, Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs as well. Such activities provide a great source of entertainment for tourists and locals as well.

As already elaborated, the nightlife attraction of Prag
ue scattered throughout the city. There are several streets / bustling areas of the city where cafes, concert and dance venues, galleries and restaurants offer something special to everyone who loves the culture, shopping and nightlife attraction. There are plenty of pubs & bars throughout the City areas and they are truly satisfying the desire of thirsty visitors where you can enjoy your cocktails with the mesmerizing architectural beauty of the hand-crafted beers and their decors.


You don’t feel any hunger during your trip, that is why we also suggested some of the finest restaurants in the city that offer exotic and delicious food along with your favorite drinks. You can enjoy the taste of good food along with some great booze.

And lastly, we went through comprehensive options of nightclubs of the city that offers great music and fun with some delightfully exotic choices of drinks and cocktail that will delight your overall experience of charming nightlife during your stay at Prague.

All of the experiences as mentioned above will work together to make your journey to Prague absolutely a memorable one. A perfect and balanced blend of the above-identified activities can actually boost your experience and make your trip extremely unforgettable for you.


What part of Prague is best for nightlife? ›

The area around Charles Bridge, which connects Staré Město with Malá Strana (a small and historic neighbourhood), also develops a buzzing atmosphere once night falls. The eastern bank of Vltava river, which is busy 7 days a week, is home to Prague's best-known nightlife hotspots.

Is Prague good for nightlife? ›

Sure, you can find that too, but nightlife in the Czech capital is more varied than you might assume. Prague is endlessly stylish and that is mirrored in the bars, pubs and clubs. The best places to go out in Prague are almost always outside the centre, so get yourself a metro ticket and explore the neighbourhoods.

What do you wear on a night out in Prague? ›

There is no certain rule for dressing up in Prague when it comes to nightlife, however, some bars and clubs require you to dress smartly. If you don't want to spend your entire night in one place, I would advise you to dress smart casual. This will help you to “fit in” most of the nightclubs and pubs.

Is there a dress code for clubs in Prague? ›

In general there is no strict code for bars and restaurants, and smart-casual wear will usually be fine.

What time do clubs shut in Prague? ›

Dance/Night Clubs:

The city centre is usually open every day from 10:00 pm – 03/05:00 am (usually close earlier on weekdays). Hit the town on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night when bars and discos are often open until the early hours. Restaurants and Cafes: are generally open from 11:00am – 23:00pm/24:00pm.

What time do clubs get busy in Prague? ›

If you like to go clubbing (like myself) then there is no better city to be than Prague. The peak hour for any given club is around 2AM, and most clubs stay open until the sun rises. Many clubs host big-name international DJ's that play the best electronic dance music hits and gets the party going.

Is Prague expensive? ›

Prague is considerably cheaper than nearby European favorites like Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Although it is actually the most expensive city in the Czech Republic, it's inexpensive by western standards and your dollars will go a long way.

Do they speak English in Prague? ›

English in Prague

In Prague, a great number of native citizens speak English at least a bit. And at the tourist hotspots, restaurants in the centre, hotels, and gift shops, knowledge of the English language is taken for granted.

Is September a good time to visit Prague? ›


Autumn is another desirable time to visit Prague. You can expect average highs to range anywhere between the mid-60s and the low 40s, so plan to pack warmer clothes. Also, while autumn is not nearly as popular as summer, it's still a good idea to book two or three weeks in advance.

Is Prague hot in September? ›

Daytime high temperatures in Prague during September will fall gradually from 20-21 C (68-70 F) early in the month down to near 17 C (62-63 F) near the end of the month. A few of the warmer afternoons, especially early in the month, can reach up near 27 C (81 F).

What clothes to pack for Prague in September? ›

What clothes should I wear in Prague in fall? Opt for long sleeved clothing, sweaters, and a coat/jacket are necessary items you should consider if you travel to Prague in the fall. Towards mid November you'll require cold weather outerwear.

Can you wear shorts on a night out in Prague? ›

Casual dress is the norm for everyday wear, including at most restaurants. Shorts for men are not as common in Prague as they are in North America. In the evening, long pants are the norm, even in summer. When visiting a concert or theater, usually there is no obligatory dress code.

Do clubs in Prague check ID? ›

Nightlife in Prague is not only low cost but also famously unpretentious and liberal — bars and clubs close when they want, IDs are rarely checked and drinking on the street is generally accepted (although some streets, notably Dlouhá, are exceptions).

Do they check ID in Prague? ›

Visitors and Czech nationals are required by law to carry ID in public at all times. Anyone failing to do so may be fined or brought to the nearest police station to have their identity verified.

What food is famous in Prague? ›

10 Foods to Try When Visiting Prague
  • Koleno (pecene veprove koleno) Koleno (pork knuckle) is served on a wood cutting board with a serrated knife. ...
  • Czech roast duck. ...
  • Knedliky (bread dumplings) ...
  • Svickova na smetane. ...
  • Bramborak (potato pancake) ...
  • Utopenci. ...
  • Nakladany hermelin. ...
  • Smazeny Syr (fried cheese)
9 Aug 2017

How much does a beer cost in Prague? ›

Here are a few local Prague purchases to give you an idea of local item prices in Prague:
Classic Czech meal at restaurant- meat, sauce, dumplings1406.1
Large sausage, bun and mustard at Wenceslas Square401.7
500 ml of beer draft (pint)351.5
750ml bottle of wine good enough to bring to party1607.0
16 more rows

Is Prague cheap? ›

While Prague is more expensive than other Czech cities at an average cost of €40 to €90 per person per day, it is certainly more affordable than other Western European cities if you're travelling on a mid-range budget.

Can you drink tap water in Prague? ›

Yes, tap water is safe to drink in Prague, and generally in Czechia. Tap water is regulated by the Czech Republic government officials several times a day, and they monitor the quality of water very thoroughly.

What's the drinking age in Prague? ›

Alcohol. With a robust beer drinking habit of nearly 143 litres per capita per year (based on 2014 stats) you will be pleased to know alcohol is in no short supply in Prague. The legal drinking age is 18 and those with a cute baby-face may be asked for ID to prove you are of age.

Where do locals go out in Prague? ›

Do your socialising around Wenceslas Square or the old town square and you'll find out drinks here are considerably more expensive than some of their not-so-central counterparts.
Bars in Prague – go where the locals go
  • 1 Vinárna U Sudu, Vodičkova 677/10, Nové Mesto. ...
  • 2 Baráčnická rychta, Tržiště 23, Mala Strana.
9 Nov 2018

Is Prague a party town? ›

Prague, Czechia

Cheap beer (and cheap flights) makes this city a major party destination for people around the world.

Where do locals go out in Prague? ›

Do your socialising around Wenceslas Square or the old town square and you'll find out drinks here are considerably more expensive than some of their not-so-central counterparts.
Bars in Prague – go where the locals go
  • 1 Vinárna U Sudu, Vodičkova 677/10, Nové Mesto. ...
  • 2 Baráčnická rychta, Tržiště 23, Mala Strana.
9 Nov 2018

What is the main square in Prague called? ›

The two main squares in Prague are Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square, which are just 5 minutes walk from each other. A third square, the Lesser Town Square, is located on the other side of the river. Find out more about the sights on a Prague tour.

Is Prague expensive? ›

Prague is considerably cheaper than nearby European favorites like Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Although it is actually the most expensive city in the Czech Republic, it's inexpensive by western standards and your dollars will go a long way.

Which city has best nightlife? ›

Mumbai. True to its sobriquet, the City that Never Sleeps, Mumbai is in a constant state of action. From top pubs, bars and restaurants to the ever buzzing boulevards of Marine Drive and Nariman Point, there is no dearth of places you can explore and enjoy even after the sun goes down.

Which city in Europe has best night life? ›

Best Nightlife In Europe
  • Berlin. Nothing and no other place can beat the Germans when it comes to thrilling and exciting parties. ...
  • Ibiza. Image Source. ...
  • Budapest. Image Source. ...
  • Belgrade. Image Source. ...
  • Amsterdam. Amsterdam is famous for its iconic 'I <3. ...
  • Krakow. Image Source. ...
  • Prague. ...
  • London.
25 Oct 2021

Can you drink tap water in Prague? ›

Yes, tap water is safe to drink in Prague, and generally in Czechia. Tap water is regulated by the Czech Republic government officials several times a day, and they monitor the quality of water very thoroughly.

Is Prague cheap? ›

While Prague is more expensive than other Czech cities at an average cost of €40 to €90 per person per day, it is certainly more affordable than other Western European cities if you're travelling on a mid-range budget.

How much does a beer cost in Prague? ›

Here are a few local Prague purchases to give you an idea of local item prices in Prague:
Classic Czech meal at restaurant- meat, sauce, dumplings1406.1
Large sausage, bun and mustard at Wenceslas Square401.7
500 ml of beer draft (pint)351.5
750ml bottle of wine good enough to bring to party1607.0
16 more rows

Are you supposed to tip in Prague? ›

Tipping in the Czech Republic is commonly expected. Foreign visitors are often expected to tip at least 10%. (N.B. This practice holds true mainly in Prague and leading tourist "meccas" such as Cesky Krumlov, not in the general countryside, where foreigners are not expected to do anything more than locals.)

Is it better to stay in Old Town or New Town Prague? ›

If it is your first time in Prague, then the New Town is the best place to stay. The Old Town is only a few minutes' walk away, so you'll be able to get your fill of Prague's history, and all the modern elements of the city are right on your doorstep too!

Is Budapest or Prague better? ›

If you love elegant architecture, good food, lively nightlife, and indulging yourself in thermal baths, then Budapest is your place. Go to Prague if you love architecture. The city hosts some of the best examples of numerous architectural styles and periods. If you love a good beer, then Prague should be your choice.

What is the best month to go to Prague? ›

July and August have their advantages, with the best weather, longer days (daylight until after 21:00), fewer tourists in Prague than in the peak months of May, June, and September, and busy festivals held in small towns around the country.

How many days are enough in Prague? ›

To really see this amazing city, it's best to plan to visit for four to five days. This will allow you to see all the main sites and get a sense of the city's culture. Plus you'll have time to go on a day trip or two since there are many amazing cities close to Prague!

Can you walk everywhere in Prague? ›

You can walk everywhere - well, almost!

Prague's city center is very compact, so plan to walk most everywhere if you can. That means finding accommodation that is central. Ideally you will be able to walk from your hotel or apartment to all or some of the key historical monuments.


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