Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (2023)

When starting out, the first thing you’ll want to build is definitely your home. The most remarkable thing about Minecraft is you can decorate your room however you like. In the text that follows, you’ll find some cool and creative Minecraft room ideas to build and decorate the rooms of your house.

Key Highlights

  • The top choices of room ideas include Modern Living room, cozy room, nightclub room with a dance floor, library room, Gaming room, Giant pet room, Theater Room, Gym Room, Loft Bedroom Studio, Trophy Room, and Secret room.
  • In order to get trained in the game, you can build the rooms, including the Shooting Range and weapon room, Armory Room and Mending Station, and Map room.

Minecraft Room Ideas

Minecraft offers you gameplay in two modes, Survival and Creative. In survival mode, besides building, you will have to search and collect resources, fight off mobs and survive throughout the game. However, you have no limits in creative mode, and you are free to do anything and play however you want. The room ideas below can be used in both Survival and Creative mode.

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Modern Living Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (1)

Required Materials:

  • Smooth Quartz.
  • Sand and Snow.
  • Gray Concrete.

A house’s focal point is the living room, which tells about the house owner’s personality. Since Minecraft is all about creativity and expression, you can express your style through your interior. This modern living room will give your Minecraft space a futuristic look and definitely impress your friends with its cool design.

The coolest thing about this living room is its aquarium. Leave a little space to go through it and add in some coral and kelps. Now add in your tropical fish or any kind of fish that you like! You can also add in the cute axolotls in your aquarium that were introduced in the latest Minecraft 1.17 update.

A wooden table cube can also add some character to this living room. White quartz couches with grey walls make this living room stand apart. Make sure you add some greenery here and there to give the room a fresh feel. And if you want to liven things up a little, add in some orange item frames to give it that modern but cozy feeling.

Cozy Room with Fireplace

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (2)

Required Materials:

  • Campfire.
  • Quartz Slab.
  • Barrels.
  • Gray Concrete.
  • Sea Lantern.
  • Gray Wool.

This is one of those Minecraft room ideas that comes at the top of my head. The cozy room with a beautiful crackling fireplace will make you feel at home and keep you warm on cold and harsh winter nights.

(Video) Minecraft : Top Bedroom Design : Best Bedroom Builds Ideas : Furniture

This rustic traditional style room is a combination of a living room and a bedroom. So if you’re looking for something minimal yet vintage, this cozy Minecraft room idea is just the perfect thing for you.

Since winter nights in Minecraft can be a little cruel for the players, incorporating a cozy fireplace can definitely help you get through the night!Fireplaces have become a trend these days in the Minecraft community, and every player’s house has at least one room with a fireplace in it.

Nightclub Room with Dance Floor

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (3)

Required Materials:

  • Campfire.
  • Beacons.
  • Slime Block.
  • Colored Glass.
  • Redstone dust, connector.

This unique room idea is perfect for those players who want to step up their building game and bring something unique to their house. This Minecraft room idea is perhaps the coolest on the list, and though it does require a considerable amount of effort to be constructed, it’s definitely worth it.

Keeping the look swanky and modern, dark colors with mood lighting would be the best combo to create a nightclub room on a minimalistic scale. After building the room, make the walls and the floor dark. An effortless way to make a quirky dance floor is to use sea lantern blocks and stained glass.

Use a beacon and stained glass to make laser beams that will make this nightclub room come to life. Use glow stones in the backdrop of the DJ station to make the whole setup complete. This nightclub room can be built underground as well and can be a good place to chill and hang out with your friends.

Library Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (4)

Required Materials:

  • Oak Woods and Planks.
  • Ender Chest.
  • Enchantment Table.
  • Books.
  • Chest.

Even in this digital age, one likes to enjoy books’ comfort from time to time. If you’re a book nerd, build yourself a library room to showcase your interests and fulfill your Minecraft room ideas desire. This cozy library room is vast yet intimate and full of splendor. You can decorate your library room the way that fits your personality the best.

If you’re going for that rustic vintage look, then incorporate the shades of brown in your library room. Building a bookshelf is pretty straightforward. You’ll just need to place books and wooden blocks on the crafting table, and you’ll get a bookshelf.

Compile all these bookshelves together on parallel walls to make yourself a library room. For the interior, add in some rugs and couches. You can even add a fireplace to make your library room even cooler. If you’re feeling fancy, then build a chandelier to make your room look even more extraordinary. Candles and lanterns made from glowstones and trapdoors are excellent options for the light source.

Gaming Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (5)

Required Materials:

  • Smooth Quartz blocks, Stairs, and Slabs.
  • Glass Panes.
  • Carpets
  • Green bed.
  • Banners.

This room is especially for all the gaming enthusiasts out there who want to showcase their love for video games in their Minecraft builds. This excellent Minecraft room idea is perfect for building a room dedicated solely to the love of playing video games.

Making a room especially for gaming will give you a chance to create a fun and whimsical personal space with a zanier and expressive feel to it. Try to choose a vibrant color along with the basic monochromatic scheme. A Black and white interior would look good with dark purple or lime green. Adding some neutral tones would look good too.

In order to make the cool gaming room, you won’t require many resources. Start with a regular base for a room and make the walls either black or a mix of grayish tones. You can craft an LCD using a dragon head placed with front backside and armor stands. Next, use an end rod to make a lamp placed beside your LCD, add in the rug under heath your white quartz couches, and add in some quirky item frames.

Giant Pet Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (6)

Required Materials:

(Video) Minecraft: 20 Interior Decorations Ideas and Design!

  • Green concrete.
  • Dark oak wood and stairs.
  • Red carpet.
  • Pistons.
  • Trapdoors.
  • Hoppers.

Creating a pet room is trending these days in Minecraft, with every player creating a space in their Minecraft houses for their pets to chill in. So step into the trend and create a room just for your fur babies (or block babies) to live in!

Minecraft has plenty of animals that you can tame and keep as pets. Dogs, cats, mules, parrots, and even llamas can be tamed. You can give your pets a cute little home of their own and decorate it the way you want. No matter what pet you keep, the essential things that should be in every pet home are a bed, a food bowl, and a little play area for your pet.

If you want to build a pet room for your dog, you can create a huge paw made of wooden blocks that would look cute. Add in some playing mates here and there and build a toy room for your pet with a rocking horse and some tiny blocks. This is by far one of the most straightforward Minecraft room ideas you can get while playing the game.

Theater Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (7)

Required Materials:

  • Scaling portals (Mod).
  • Redstone (Connectors, dust, etc).
  • Wood stairs.
  • Glass panes.
  • Gray concrete.

Minecraft gives you endless possibilities to explore your creativity and create anything you can possibly imagine. A very cool Minecraft room idea is to make a theatre in your Minecraft room. This unique idea is perfect for your lavish entertainment needs. Home theatres are perhaps the perfect build to complete your modern house look.

However, you don’t just need to build some couches and a big LCD to complete your theater room. Make sure you build something that shows effort and impresses anyone who sees your masterpiece. Build the seats using any kind of colored blocks you like and carpet the floors to give the room a nice crisp look.

You don’t need to emphasize the lighting here; otherwise, it’ll ruin the whole cinematic experience. You can use an extended portal to make a working home theatre screen. This idea is definitely the coolest on this list and will make your Minecraft experience even better.

Gym Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (8)

Required Materials:

  • Oak wood planks.
  • Smooth, Chiseled, and Stairs Quartz.
  • Pistons.
  • Armor stands.
  • Weather skeleton skulls.
  • End rods.

A room dedicated to the gym in your Minecraft home might be the perfect thing for all the gym freaks out there. Burn all those calories from eating pork chops in your very own personal gym. Run the treadmills and lift some weights, and you’ll be crushing bedrocks and fighting mobs with your bare hands.

Making gym equipment for your Minecraft space isn’t as hard as it looks. For the weight lifting bed, make a wooden bed with black bedding, use black concrete for the weights, and use an end rod to connect them. Use an armor stand to hold this weight. Make the rest of the weights using black concrete as well.

Use colored carpets for the mats. Teal and yellow carpets would look good as mats. Follow the theme and use black concrete and black banners for the rest of the interior. Add some plants here and there to give your gym a refreshing look.

Shooting Range and Weapon Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (9)

Required Materials:

  • Dispensers.
  • Redstone.
  • Item frames.
  • Armor stands.
  • Smooth quartz.
  • Target blocks.

This indoor shooting range and weapon room will train you to perfect your aim as in Survival mode, you’ll have to face many mobs and bosses, and if your shooting skills aren’t good enough, then you cannot go much further in Minecraft. This is perfect for players who are looking to build a shooting range in their homes.

Building this training room is a unique and fun idea that won’t just make your house look cooler but also help you in training yourself. In the real world, the idea of shooting at a specific target has been around for centuries. But while the archery targets get concentric circles, in Minecraft, we get squares.

Another thing you can add to this room is your weapons. Keep all your weapons organized here and train to your heart’s content. You can also use this as a storage room for your weapons. For the overall look of the room use stones and bricks to give this training room a tough look.

(Video) Minecraft: 20 Interior Furniture Designs & Ideas!

Place in some armors here and there to complete this training room. You can place weapons like axes (released in the latest Minecraft 1.17 update), swords, tridents, bows, and crossbows.

Armory Room and Mending Station

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (10)

Required Materials:

  • Armor stands.
  • Armors.
  • Glass panes.
  • Redstone.
  • Dispensers.
  • Observers.
  • Sticky pistons.

Armors are a very important aspect of Survival mode in Minecraft. Players use armors for protection against enemies. These armors protect you from all kinds of external damage except for falling damage.Due to its extreme importance, they deserve to be honored and showcased. This armor room is a perfect build for someone who wants to display their armor in an organized way.

Use stones, concrete, and bricks for that rustic old look to make the armor room. Create a wooden outline and place armor stands on it. Now you can display your armor on these armor stands, whether it’s leather, gold, iron, chainmail, diamond, or netherite armor.

Now you should set up an armor mending station so you can fix your armor or weapons without the expense of leaving your place. To do so, you’ll need bottles of enchanting which you can get by an emerald each. For the rest of the room décor, keep it as simple as possible with sources of lights such as torches or lanterns.

Trophy Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (11)

Required Materials:

  • Smooth and Chiseled Quartz.
  • Armor stands.
  • Armor.
  • Glass panes.
  • Item frames.
  • Beacon.
  • Dragon head.
  • End crystal.

As you move forward in your Minecraft adventure, you’ll have to face many different challenges. Completing these challenges would reward you in the form of achievements or trophies.

A trophy room is very optimal to showcase your achievements and impress anyone who visits your Minecraft room. It shows your progress and skills. When building this room, the lighting and the color scheme are the most optimal things.

We don’t want to use vibrant colors that would overshadow the trophies that will be the highlight of this room. So incorporate a neutral scheme into your trophy room. Colors like white, cream, and brown would look perfect here.

For the lighting, either use end rods or make individual ceiling lights for your trophies. Make some pillars in your room as well to give it a lavish touch. If you want to, you can add a dark carpet in the room to accentuate the neutrals used. You can also add some armor stands to show off your enchanting armor.

Map Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (12)

Required Materials:

  • Tons of item frames.
  • Explored maps.

Maps are craft-able pieces of items that are used to keep track of the explored terrains and mark landmarks. Maps are important to keep track of your progress in Minecraft. These maps can be crafted using paper and a compass in the crafting station. As you move further in your adventure, the terrain of your map increases, and sometimes it gets hard to track down your progress as you cannot view the whole map at once.

Keep in mind that only the places you’ve explored show up on the map. Maps can help find important landmarks around the players. They can also help in finding specific structures or looking for teammates. So building this huge map room is very beneficial as you will have all your maps organized in one place.

You can also incorporate some touches here and there for that dungeon-like look. Another fantastic addition to this room might be little blocks of water here and there. You can create little square pools in this map room to give it a refreshing feel.

Loft Bedroom Studio

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (13)

Required Materials:

(Video) Minecraft: 10+ Living Room Design Ideas!

  • Gray Concrete.
  • Orange wool.
  • Black beds.
  • Black banners.
  • Armor stands.
  • Dragon heads.
  • Creeper heads.

Loft bedrooms are very unique and save a lot of space, especially if you’re playing survival mode. If you are into minimalism, this loft bedroom idea is perfect as it looks modern while taking as little space as possible. There is nothing cooler than a cozy nook situated just above your main living room.

These shared ceiling rooms have a charm of their own and are a game-changer for people looking to modify their Minecraft living space. This small loft-style bedroom offers you style as well functionality. However, to build them, you’ll need a strategic layout.

Don’t forget to build a window in the loft area; otherwise, the room would look really cramped up and uncomfortable. Windows would add a natural and beautiful source of lighting as well. Other light sources you can use are lamps made from end rods. You can use fairy lights here to add a whimsical charm to your loft bedroom. Make sure to keep the lighting soft because plenty of light will come from the window.

Jacuzzi Bathroom

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (14)

Required Materials:

  • Gray concrete.
  • Light Blue terracotta.
  • Quartz stairs.
  • Soul sand.

After a long day of tough challenges and action-packed adventure in the Minecraft world, you’ll want to unwind in a relaxing space, and what better way is there to relax than in your own personal steaming Jacuzzi? Your Minecraft character would want to relax as well after a long day of fighting mobs and bosses.

So upgrade your bathroom and transform it into a comfort zone by building a Jacuzzi in it. Jacuzzis will make your bathroom look luxurious as well as spacious, perfect for modern style Minecraft houses. This Jacuzzi will definitely amp up your bathroom and add modern sophistication to it.

You can make a jacuzzi using dark oak if you’re looking for that warm cozy feeling. Make sure it is deep enough but not too deep. You can also make a Jacuzzi using white quartz blocks if you are going for that modern luxurious touch.

Secret Room

Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (15)
Top 15 Best Minecraft Room Ideas (16)

Required Materials:

  • Redstones.
  • Sticky pistons.
  • Paintings.
  • Redstone connectors.

Pretty much all of us had fantasized about having secret rooms or passageways in our homes when we were little. We imagined them behind closed bookshelves or in deep corners of our closet. These mysterious architectural designs are a perfect getaway from everything if you just want to disappear once in a while.

It is very common for your valuables to get stolen no matter what server of Minecraft you’re playing. You should definitely build a secret room where you can keep your valuables like resources, weapons, and gears to keep those thieves and griefers at bay. This secret room is one of the most fantastic room ideas on the list and is a game-changer for modern homes.

The key feature for this room will be the lever you’ll use to access this room. This depends on what kind of secret room you’re building. If it’s a movable bookshelf, you might not need a lever, depending on what mechanism you’re using to move it.


We hope you liked this list of unique Minecraft room ideas and found some inspiration for upgrading your Minecraft space. We took note to compile an awesome list of room ideas that has a little bit of something for everybody. After all, the interior of your flashy new house must be just as appealing to the eyes. So, get building, and good luck!

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